How to Zoodle Guide

Zoodle Guide Main Final Did you know you don’t have to have a spiralizer to make Zoodles? Read on for the Pros and Cons of each method. Pictured above (from top to bottom): Julienne Peeler, Mandoline Slicer, Spiralizer.

Zoodles Julienne Julienne Peelers are a great option if you don’t have a lot of storage space in your kitchen or you just do not want another kitchen machine. I love using a Julienne Peeler for Zoodles! They provide the thinnest texture that is closest to angel hair pasta. The only con is it takes a bit longer to do, so if you are going to be zoodling more than one zucchini at a time you may want to try a different option.

Zoodles Mandoline The mandoline slicer is my favorite method. Just slide the zucchini lengthwise and voilà – zoodles! It is easy, fast, and provides 3 (very different) noodles depending on the blade you use. The downside to this option is that mandolines are very sharp, so I would not let kids use this. The ribbon zoodles are great if you make lasagna.

Zoodle Spiralizer Spiralizers are easy, fast, and kid friendly! Personally, I find the texture of zoodles from a spiralizer to be a tad thick for me, but this is the easiest method. The only other downside is that this kitchen gadget takes up a lot of cupboard space!

Check out all my Zoodle recipes here and look at My Kitchen Tools if you are interested in the brands of my Julienne Peeler, Spiralizer, and/or Mandoline.

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